Facts Tell & Stories Sell

I’ve been using video, computer animation and creative writing to make the ordinary something extraordinary…multi-sensory media marketing!

About Me

I have earned both a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Associate of the Arts degree. I also attended Disney University where I studied animation and studio production management. After college I took a job as a video editor and quickly rose up the ranks to becoming the Production Manager at one of Chicago’s largest video production facilities. Ultimately, my career took me to Southern California where I joined a cutting edge marketing firm creating interactive multimedia presentations for the financial, real estate and medical industries. I am currently the Lead Media Developer at Advisors Digital Edge where my responsibilities include building multi-sensory marketing media for Financial Advisors.

To date I have been involved in developing digital media for over 800 marketing campaigns, eLearning modules and corporate presentations.

Whether it’s a marketing demo, an e-learning module or an interactive online application that builds customer relationships, I bring a wealth of experience and use a suite of development tools and programming languages to create a high-end, user-driven multimedia experience. But just knowing how to implement the technology is not enough, because presentation does matter, and it’s what sets me apart.

When not behind the computer I’m an avid runner. The muddier the trail, the happier I seem to be.