Coming Soon

I have been so busy that it made more sense to build a brand new site from the ground up rather than update everything. Check back soon to learn more about the exciting things I’ve been working on.

Multi-Sensory Marketing

I specialize in using interactive media to help encourage brand engagement online. Multi-sensory marketing should be regarded at every buyer stage: brand awareness, product promotion, consideration, trial, purchase and post-purchase. Thinking about the sensory effects your brand, messaging, products and consumer experiences have on your key audiences is very important.

My Skill Set

Motion-Graphic Design

For almost 30 years I have produced everything from television commercials to online training videos. I know how to use video to get a message to an audience.

Story Teller at heart

I have a keen sense for finding the heart of any story. Most don’t even know why that’s essential, but it’s imperative to have a good story to enhance online engagement with media.

An Obsession with Learning

Early in my career I was told to spend 10 hours a week of my time keeping up with industry trends. I have done that and feel a sense of mastery over the art of multi-sensory media marketing.